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What is Holistic Aging?

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Holistic aging, also called healthy aging, is the process of maintaining superior functional ability and overall wellness of the body, mind, and spirit, and living your best quality of life as you age.

What are Holistic Aging Programs?

Holistic aging programs are a set of measures or activities that help keep your body, mind, and spirit functioning at their very best and achieve maximum well-being as you get older.

Significance of Holistic Aging Programs

As you age, your body, mind and spirit change. Coping with aging can be difficult as several changes and transitions occur; children move away, loved ones are lost, changes occur to your career, health issues can occur, loss of independence, etc.

Though it is natural to experience those changes, their effects on aging and overall health can be compensated with holistic aging programs. These programs have proven to be a key to leading a healthier, happier and longer life as they help you cope with changes during aging and advise ways to live life to the fullest.

Programs for Holistic Aging

Aging is not in your hands to control, but holistic aging certainly is by following simple activities or lifestyle changes that are affordable, agreeable and attainable. Below are some science-backed programs that have been proven to assure good physical, mental and spiritual well-being as you age.

Physical Programs

Keep your body active

  • Exercise regularly and care for your body; it may be anything from walking to gardening to a recreational sport that gets your body moving.
  • Staying active helps you maintain strength and agility, increase your energy, boost your immune system and improve longevity.

Eat healthily

  • Consume a well-balanced diet that is loaded with natural and fresh items such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts and lean proteins like fish and beans.
  • Stay away from processed, packaged and/or junk foods, sugary and salty drinks, fatty meats and butter.

Get enough sleep

  • Lack of sleep may cause stress, depression, irritability, increased risk of illness and even memory issues.
  • Make sure you sleep adequately (7 to 8 hours) every night.

Drink plenty of water

  • Drinking water adequately will improve your energy levels and even brain function. It is also known to reduce signs of aging.

Limit the alcohol and dump the cigarettes

  • Alcohol and smoking are known to cause premature aging and increase the risk of diseases.
  • Limit alcohol consumption or stay away from it and quit smoking for healthy aging.

Intellectual (Mental) Programs

Mind your mind (brain)

  • Brain stimulating activities keep your mind active and healthy, prevent or slow down cognitive decline and ensure you age with a healthy, happier mind. They include:
  1. Learning new skills or technologies
  2. Engaging in puzzles or artistic endeavors
  3. Taking up new hobbies, using online brain fitness games, etc.

Socialize (stay connected)

  • Loneliness is harmful to your health as you age. Staying connected is the key to the good health of your mind.
  • Socialization can be a buffer against loneliness, hardship, the feeling of loss, etc., and may do wonders for your longevity. Therefore, do the following:
  1. Stay connected to the ones you love (friends or family members)
  2. Spend time with others and maintain a good relationship with them
  3. Meet new people and maintain a good social network

Make community connections (volunteer)

  • Engaging in volunteer work within your community can give you purpose and bring you joy.
  • This can improve both cognitive and physical function and delay the onset of problems related to aging.

Spiritual Programs

Reduce stress

  • As you age, most of the age-related issues are either caused or complicated by stress.
  • Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, or meditation to soothe your spirit.
  • Spiritual counseling or activities are known to keep your spirit healthy.

Laugh a lot, every day

  • Laughter has proved to be a strong medicine for both the body and the mind. It can also nourish your spirit, and thus, ensure you stay joyful and healthy.

Stay optimistic and accept your age

  • When you stay optimistic, your mind and body too respond in kind and help you keep healthy.
  • People who accept aging gracefully (positive attitude) are known to be happy, healthy and live longer.

Other Programs

  • Naturopathy, massage therapy, and homeopathy are some of the other programs that can facilitate holistic aging.

These programs can help you cope with the age-associated changes in your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to live life to the fullest. At the Advanced Wellness Center, we offer specialized holistic aging programs to meet your individual needs. Come, explore the programs we offer and learn about the experience of holistic aging.

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