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Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of our health and well-being. However, not all nutrients affect everyone in the same way. That's where nutrigenomics comes in - the study of how our genes interact with nutrients in foods.

Diet & Wellness Test

Weight issues are complex; Each body has a unique genetic makeup that can identify the best approach to acieve your ideal weight. while a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine are enough for some to stay healthy in general. This test provides you with a customized pathto weight control, weight mainenance and a health lifestyle. confronting genetic shortcomings for diet, wellness, and beyond can help optimize a patient's journey by placing less stress on their body during the process.

Neurotransmitters/Mood Test

Billion of neurons exist in the brain. These cells share information with other nerve cells through electrical impulses, allowing for throught the body. Neurotransmitters inform many necessary processes like getting your stomach to digest, your heart to beat or your lungs to breath. While all neurotransmitters transmit information, they do not all do so in the same manner or with the same intention.

Ultimately, neurotransmitter genetic testing lets doctors and their patients understand their underlying issues with neurotransmitter function and implement personalized solutions.

Essential Vitamins Panel

Your body requires essecnial minerals and vitamins for every process and function. These nutrients work in symphony to grow, heal repair and maintain your body's cells, organs, systems, and skeleton. vitamins are needed in varying amouts and some from key parts of structures such as red blood cells and bones. Our Essential Vitamins nutrigenomic panel will give you guidence via DNA analysis on what nutrients you many need due to genetic weaknesses.

Trying to keep track of what all of these vitamins do can be confusing. Let's take the guesswork out of it, and have target supplementain.

Other Genetic Test

Other panels can be added to generate a Comprehensive Wellness Plan for Optimal Health

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